Friday, November 17, 2006

What's Wrong with these People?

Look at this guy. He waited 3 days to be able to buy Playstation 3. No, you read that right: not 3 hours, this idiot wasted 3 days of his life to buy this thing. And who knows how many more days he'll waste playing games on it.

There's a number of other, equally idiotic, examples on Drudge about this Playstation 3.

Here's a link to a story about a store in Ohio where armed robbers stole 5 of these games at gunpoint from a store. Some quick legal research on Ohio's criminal code (I can do this, I'm a professional -- don't try this at home :-) indicates that the penalty for armed robbery is 2 - 8 years in prison.

Can you believe these people? They risked people's lives, and risk spending several years in prison for a stupid video game!


Hurin16 said...

actually... its a gaming platform they stole. not a video game. video games is why you need a game platform. lol

South said...

I was reading on Cnet tech news, that they buy like 5 platforms of PS3's and sell them for 3k each on ebay, saving one for themselves. 12k for a 3 day period....not bad. I'm not advocating it, but its not bad.

R Ryan said...

Actually, that's about the only bright spot I see in this story. I think playing these games are a huge waste of time. I also think (obviously) it's awful that some folks are taking criminal advantage of the demand.

But, on the other hand, I think it's great that some folks are using the opportunity to make some money. It's a classic case of supply and demand. If you (legally) get your hands on a couple of these and sell them on eBay for a huge markup -- more power to you. You aren't ripping these people off; no one is forcing them to pay a dime more than retail. They pay a couple of thousand because they don't want to wait.

This is what capitalism is all about.

South said...

What a great world we live in; people willing to spend 3k for garbage that they waste their lives on.


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