Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't Listen to the Polls -- Get Out and Vote

Don't get me wrong. I have not become a cheerleader for the Republicans. If they get their butts kicked tomorrow and we have a Democratic House and possibly Senate, I'll be mighty unhappy -- but only because of what it means for the country -- not for what it means for a bunch of unemployed Republicans.

That being said, one thing people need to do is ignore all the doom and gloom polls and get out and vote. Why? Because polls and pollsters are not objective -- their questions and polls are biased and are really not much more than an arm of the Democrats.

I recently read (and I can't recall where) that conservatives have increasingly balked at responding to obviously biased poll questions. For example, say a pollster calls and asks: "When should U.S. troops be withdrawn from Iraq? (a) Immediately? (b) Within 6 months, or (c) within one year. Well, if you support the mission in Iraq, "none of the above" would be your answer. But you aren't given that option. The result: you acquiesce and give an answer you don't really agree with, or you hang up. Either way is fine with the pollster -- by answering you agree with the premise that we need to withdraw from Iraq, or by not answering, your views get ignored.

The above is an extreme example; however, it's offered to illustrate how worthless polls can be. The bottom line -- ignore the MSM and their polls. Hold your nose and (except for Stufflebeam) vote Republican tomorrow.

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