Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bears Stink Up the Joint

I'm kind of surprised by the pooh-poohing that's going on in the media here after the Bears lost to the N.E. Patriots this afternoon. The radio commentators are saying things like "the Bears were in the game until the end", "the Bears held their own against the cream of the AFC", etc.

What nonsense.

The Bears flat out stunk -- at least their offense and coaching did.

Late in the game the Bears were down by a touchdown. They had a fourth down yet they chose to kick a field goal to make the score 17-13. Why? A field goal does no good. They still needed another score.

But now they had to give the ball back to the Patriots with only a couple of minutes to go. What were they thinking? Did they think N.E. was going to go "three and out" and hand the ball back to the Bears for another shot at scoring. Or, did the Bears coaching staff assume that the Defense was going to get another turnover? (Amazingly, they did. But I don't think relying on defensive turnovers is real smart coaching.) In the end, it didn't matter because the Patriots best friend was the Bears QB and his one fumbled snap and three interceptions (pictured here).

It's becoming painfully obvious to every defense in the league that the way to beat the Bears is to pressure Grossman. And it sure was apparent today. I lost count of how many times he either made bad passes or threw the ball up for grabs. His last pick -- on the first play after the Bears got an incredible fifth turnover -- ensured that the Bears slim hopes to win the game were for naught.

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