Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Uh, Who's The Victim Here??

From Clayton Cramer's Civilian Gun Self-Defense blog:
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cleveland, Ohio

Further to this incident

From Cleveland’s of November 21, 2006
Who should be charged when a homeowner shoots an intruder?

Nelson says two teenage boys came to his east-side home looking for money for McDonalds on Monday, and when they wouldn't leave, they stormed inside.

Nelson says he ran to his upstairs bedroom, the two teens followed him-- then began charging the door.

"If they thought I was messing around messing around, just playing--I don't know what gave them that idea."

Nelson lodged a dresser against the door, then, police say, the two began trying to kick it in, and that's when Nelson grabbed for his gun.

"[The one teen] kept on pushing the door--and that's when it [the gun] went off," he says.

One boy was shot in the face. Both were able to run. The injured teen was hospitalized, the other was booked on robbery charges.

A short time later the 60-year Nelson was arrested for felonious assault.

Within 24-hours he was released, forgave the teenagers and says he's eager for the next step. "Next is my court date, to determine whether I'm guilty or not."

The teenager who was shot is 14-years old. His sister tells he is still hospitalized, re-covering from injuries to his eyes and nose.

The second teenager is 15-years old. He's out of jail, and tonight tells he has not been charged, but charges may be coming.

As for Nelson, he was arrested on felonious assault charges, but it will take a Grand Jury to decide whether the charges will stick.
So, let me get this straight. Two thugs break into a man's house. He retreats -- even though (at least in most jurisdictions) he doesn't have to -- and barricades himself in his bedroom. The thugs pursue him and start to break down the door. At that point, the man shoots to defend himself from what looked like, from any reasonable perspective, an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury.

And the end result is? He's arrested and charged with felonious assault!! It's idiotic scenarios like this which should compel any freedom loving American to go to their computer or their phone and become a member of the NRA.

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