Monday, March 17, 2008


There's a great blog about lawyers and our legal system called 'Overlawyered'. Here is a recent choice item culled from their site.
Danbury student suing after being awakened by teacher

Posted Mar. 13, 2008
5:41 AM

Danbury (AP) _ Danbury officials have been notified they are being sued by a student who was awakened in class by a teacher who made a loud noise.

Documents filed with the Town Clerk, a prelude to a lawsuit, claim that a sleeping student suffered hearing damage when his teacher woke him up by slamming her hand down on the boy's desk. in December.

Attorney Alan Barry says 15-year-old Vinicios Robacher suffered pain and "very severe injuries to his left eardrum" when teacher Melissa Nadeau abruptly slammed the palm of her hand on his desk on Dec. 4.

A city official says the matter has been referred to Danbury's insurance carrier.

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