Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nice to Know There's Still Some
Sanity Left in the Midwest

Despite the best efforts of the uber-liberal Chicago Tribune, there's still some folks left in the Chicago area who not only haven't become environmental wackos, they've even managed to retain their sense of humor.

Here's some comments to the story gushing about preparing for Earth Hour from the Trib's website:
I'm gonna turn on all of my lights to celebrate earth day. I set all of my timers to go ON at 7:30 PM and then OFF at 9:30 PM. I don't usually run all yard, porch and flood lights at one time because everything running at once makes the wheel in the meter spin like a hopped up gyroscope. My house will probably been able to be seen from satellites as it will be one of the bright spots in northern Illinois.

What are we gonna celebrate next?

I'm already ready for July 4th with my red, white and blue Christmas light strings.

for my end of the celebration, I'm going to turn on all of my lights. To boot, I'm going to make a further financial sacrifice and let my two cars run in the driveway all day. Then while that's happening, I'm going to burn the large pile of dead brush out in my back yard.

Bet the gangbangers can't wait until Daley does this nonsense in Chicago. The unarmed citizenry will be sitting ducks and in the dark, they can't ID the bad guys.

Should we all just give up on progress and live like freaking Quakers?
Life is good. We feel guilty for living longer than at any time in history.

Move to North Korea. Satellite photos show an almost entirely dark country. They certainly have a progressive green leader!

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