Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moonbattery Nails It

My favorite "new" blog is Moonbattery. I just love their wit and sarcasm in tweaking noxious liberals and bloviating PC types. Here's their take on this worthless, feel-good, Earth Hour idea:

Idiot Hour

It's not often that I advise people to visit Google, a company that uses its immense power to close off traffic to sites not conforming to its leftist ideology. But you really have to check out its home page today:


Don't you just love trying to read white type on a black screen?

The idea is that Google has "turned the lights out" for Earth Hour, an event that entails moonbats pretending they have attained their dream of dragging humanity back to the Dark Ages.

A still more precious dream to militant moonbats is total conformity. We are to turn our lights off from 8:00 to 9:00 this evening per our local time zones, not because anyone who doesn't live in a padded room thinks it will improve the weather, but to demonstrate our obeisance to envirokooks' antihuman ideology.

This is why all reasonable people are called upon to turn on every light in their house during Earth Hour. Any hardship this imposes upon the polar bears will be more than made up for by all the energy Google is saving with their sanctimonious black screen.

Actually, Google admits that the black screen saves no energy at all. But it does cause eye strain. So long as we suffer for Gaia, that's the important thing.

Moonbats turned the lights off on Syndey Harbor Bridge. The planet is safe now.

By the way, here's an indication of how I'll be showing my solidarity with Earth Hour tonight :-)

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