Saturday, March 29, 2008

Global Warming -- The Perfect Storm of Political Correctness, Worthless "Feel Good" Gestures, and Liberal Nuttiness

Got this e-mail at work this week:
To All Corporate Personnel/Corp/xxxx@xxxx
Subject Lights out on March 29 at corporate offices

This Saturday, March 29, the parking lot lights at our corporate offices in xxxx will be turned off from 8 to 9 p.m. We're voluntarily doing this in conjunction with the city of Chicago, along with hundreds of other companies and millions of people for Earth Hour, a global movement to conserve energy. We’ll also turn off the exterior signs, including readerboards, at our Chicago city stores.
Isn't that nice. Let's waste untold hours of time and resources to participate in a meaningless gesture to show solidarity in the fight against the myth of global warming. In the meantime, let's try to ignore the fact that, even though it's the end of March, it 20 degrees and we've had several inches of snow this month!

After getting this e-mail, I couldn't resist. I forwarded it to our exec in charge of energy management with this comment:
From: Richard Ryan
Sent: 03/28/2008 09:18 AM CDT
To: xxxx xxxx
Subject: Fw: Lights out on March 29 at corporate offices

I can't help but wonder how much energy could really be saved if people would quit wasting time, effort and resources on worthless gestures like this.

Just a thought. ;-)

Richard Ryan

Richard F. Ryan
Senior Attorney
Law Department
I don't think they'll be adding me to our corporate "Earth Hour" liason team any time soon. :-)

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