Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama and the Wizard of Oz

What's the difference between Obama and the Wizard of Oz? Well one is larger than life, breathing fire and blowing lots of smoke in the air, but in actuality is a just a fraudulent windbag hiding behind a curtain mouthing high-toned but meaningless platitudes -- and the other is, er, well, never mind.

Anyway, I was on Yahoo Answers today and saw an intriguing question about comparing / contrasting Obama and Martin Luther King. One of the responses, written by Patti Charron, was so good that I sent her a note asking if I could post it here. She gracefully said "yes". Here is the question and response:
Q: If you were given Obama and MLK's speech, would you compare them or contrast them?

A: (by Patti Charron)
I don't know which speeches you propose to compare, but the point is moot because there is no comparison.

MLK was a great orator who spoke with heartfelt conviction. He had an immense vocabulary from years of reading and studying other great orators. He had a very special gift and terrific way of finding just the right words for any occasion. He inspired everyone.

Obama reads from a teleprompter and can't put together a two-word sentence on his own. Uhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhh. He's a complete idiot who can't think on his feet.

MLK was dyed-in-the-wool Republican who voted for Nixon twice.

Obama's only political conviction is to expanding the Dependency Class that Roosevelt started in the 1930s. And to getting rich and more famous in the "American Idol" culture of American politics.

MLK was a man of God. Obama thinks he IS God.

MLK expected people (all people, but most especially black people) to break out of the Dependency Class, to raise their children in two-parent homes with values and integrity and self-respect. He was against welfare, disability, a sense of entitlement and general whining. He encouraged people to act in a dignified manner to secure the dignified treatment they deserved. He knew it would take time and he pleaded with everyone to get behind him to achieve these goals.

Obama is all about dependency, whining and blaming somebody else for all the problems, including drugs, single parenthood, laziness, violence and crime.

MLK wanted to shake off the past and move forward, again with dignity and self-respect.

Obama, the product of a middle-class white woman and a ne'er-do-well African polygamist, has no connection whatsoever to oppression or slavery, and yet whines about it all the time, even in his inaugural address. And Americans are stupid enough to buy into it! He went to Harvard, for God's sake. I am not sure when he "felt the whips on our backs." I'm not sure what oppression he's experienced. Moron.

So, in response to your post, I'd say "contrast" is the way to go, although, in terms of discussing these two men in the same paper, it's like comparing apples and Volkswagens.

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