Saturday, January 20, 2007

This Should be Fun

Well, Hillary finally threw her hat into the ring and is running for president. I know, I know -- what a surprise, no one suspected she was interested in being prez!

Get ready for some good times though. It's one thing for her to scrip photo ops, drop sound bites for the evening news, and post well-rehearsed videos on her web site (as Michelle Malkin says: "She’s surprisingly non-robotic, although I guess if you can train animals to perform on sitcoms, you can train Hillary to feign warmth for 30 seconds").

However, once she gets out on the campaign trail and has to be spontaneous, unscripted, and, well, "human", I predict it won't take long for the real Hillary to come through. Look for her, not realizing a camera is on, to blast some reporter or rip some aide. It will be another Howard Dean moment and "bye-bye Hillary"!

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