Monday, January 15, 2007

Amazing Survival

Here is an amazing story of a woman who was lost in the New Mexico wilderness for 5 weeks and was found by two hikers.

In reading the story, however, something bothered me and still does. The two hikers who found the woman gave her some food, some water, gathered some firewood -- and then left.

They didn't leave for good; they knew she was too weak to hike the 20 miles out of the wilderness, and they went to get her help. But I can't understand why one of them couldn't stay with this woman while the other went for help. There may be a good explanation -- and I hope there is -- because after being lost in the wilderness for 5 weeks, this woman was hungry, thirsty, cold; but she was probably also desperate for some human contact. Instead these two gave her a book and left.

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