Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Gifts for "Gun Nuts"

One of my favorite blogs is a gun blog by a fellow down near New Orleans called "Xavier Thoughts". He is a pretty regular poster, has well-written posts, and always has something interesting to say. His "Christmas Gifts" post -- including the comments -- is so good that I'm just going to post them in their entirety. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Gifts for the Gun Nut

At Christmas time, it is often difficult to know what to get for a person who has a passion for firearms, so here are a few pointers/suggestions:

Ammo: The gold standard. You cannot go wrong with ammo. My future son-in-law bought me a case of .45ACP last year. I was very pleased. Note I call him my future son in law today. Make certain you buy the right caliber ammunition. Ammo is usually non-returnable, and if you buy the wrong caliber, your recipient may have to buy a new gun. That's really not a bad thing though.

Targets: Gun nuts tend to be a bit budget conscious when considering targets. Tin cans, McDonald's toys, index cards and old AOL CDs are common high class targets among the gunnie set. When we cannot find those, we shoot at less attractive items. A package of Birchwood ShootNSee targets makes a great gift. In fact, a box full of them is fantastic.

Holsters: To buy the right holster you need to know which sidearm your gun nut carries and how he likes to carry it. If you have any questions, a gift certificate from Mitch Rosen, Milt Sparks or Gene DeSantis will suffice. If you pull a holster off the rack at the gun store, make certain you buy the right one, as they are usually non-returnable, and your recipient may have to buy a new gun.......

Belts: If your recipient still carries his piece strapped to a Dickie's belt from Wal-Mart, buy him a real gun belt. Trust me, it's one of the best gifts available for a skin flint CCW person.

Grips: Grips are a wonderful gift for a gunnie.....Just remember two types.....stag or faux......and you can't go wrong. Make certain you buy grips for a gun your recipient already owns, or you will have him going to the savings & loan before the next gun show. Hint: there are no ivory or stag grips for Glock, HK, or KelTec guns.

Clothing: Shirts and caps with your gun nut's favorite brand of weapon embroideried often makes a cherished gift. I have several S&W and Colt shirts, which I love to wear to cocktail parties to attract other gunnies I haven't yet met. The Smith & Wesson apparel is particularly nice......If your gunnie likes Smith & Wessons. If not, a Glock polo shirt may trip his trigger.

Magazine subscriptions: Forget it.

Cleaning Supplies: This one is tricky. Take a look at what he already has, and buy the same thing in a larger quantity. The only really safe lubricant gift he may not already have is Ballistol or Slide-Glide.

A New Gun: You really can't go wrong with this gift. If you have any question of which one to buy, just buy two......No gunnie appreciates anything as much as a free gun.

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Here are the comments:

Keith Walker said...


Another good idea is cash. I plan on using extra cash for league fees or IPSC/IDPA shoots.

I'm also asking for gift certificates to Academy and Sportsman's Warehouse. One can never have enough extra magazines. Not magazine subscriptions, but mags for your gun.

A nice gun bag would be cool too.

5:37 PM

AlanDP said...

Sometimes I open my gun safe just to get a good whiff of Ballistol.

5:39 PM

Conservative Scalawag said...

Yeah, I tried that last year with my wife to get me gun stuff. Wanted something simple. Dick's sporting goods had a Winchester travel mug filled .22lr. It was a no-go. She says that my gun hobbie is personal and she really does not know what I have. Like she does know where my keys are and look inside the safe. I told her she is having a cheap christmas due to the fact that since she will not get me that Blackhawk drop hoslter that I had to save up for it myself. Just kidding. But I did want that traval mug last year. Oh well.

6:52 PM

alpineman said...

I was going to make out a "gift suggestions" list to send to friends & family (who just can't seem to get an idea of what to get the "gun nut" ...) but I see it's been done! I hope you don't mind if I forward this link on.

7:20 PM

JPG said...

Good entry, 'Zave. With a bit o' thought, it isn't difficult to buy gifts for any gunny. The only time it's easier is when the firearms enthusiast is also a peace officer or an aviator. My Elder Son has recently resumed status as a street cop, and there's ALWAYS some gadget or techno-curio coming out.

Think of the merchandising craze whereby you can sell hunters ANYTHING with a camoflage pattern. I'm figure you could make a mint if you ordered up Tupperware containers or even a Salad Shooter in flat black, marked TACTICAL, and flogged 'em to cops.
Hint: Po-leece always appreciate some sort of compact flashlight


8:42 AM

1894C said...

LOVED this sentence!

"Hint: there are no ivory or stag grips for Glock, HK, or KelTec guns."

I don't know why but as a wheel gun fan I found this LOL funny!

8:53 AM

Pawpaw said...

The gunny places I shop, Midway USA and MidSouth Shooters Supply all have something called a Wish List.

A big box just came from MidSouth and I think my lady just dumped everthing from the list into the shopping cart, and pressed Checkout.

I am indeed a lucky man.

9:26 AM

Anonymous said...

I've told my wife this for years, but so far, nada. How do you get her past saying "That's not a real present" when you ask for some boxes of .45 ACP Hydrashoks or XTP's for Christmas stocking stuffers?

2:40 PM

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