Saturday, June 30, 2007

What are We Going to Do About Iran?
and, more importantly, when are we going to do it?

Give the Iranian regime credit for forthrightness and consistency -- they hate America and don't try to hide dipolmatic speak; moreover, they consistently train and arm our enemies. The perplexing question is why the U.S. seems oblivious to it. Here is a good editorial from IBD on this topic.
Another Act Of War

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, June 07, 2007 4:20 PM PT

War On Terror: Iran has been caught — again — sending arms to terrorists and insurgents who are trying to kill American soldiers. At some point, a line is drawn in the sand, and we either say "enough" or "we give up."

It's hard to tell whether Iran's repeated provocations are an attempt to shame the U.S., which so far has done little to stop them, or just another bad terrorist habit they can't break.

NATO says Iran has been shipping arms to its one-time enemy, Afghanistan's Taliban, those nice fundamentalist fellows who cut off fingers and hands, stoned women to death and murdered their foes for over a half a decade before being ousted by the U.S. in late 2001.

Iran's already been caught — numerous times — arming anti-U.S. fighters in Iraq. And they've been indiscriminate in doing so, arming both the hated Sunnis and friendly Shiites alike. Give them credit: When it comes to sowing hate, Iran is quite ecumenical.

In addition to Iraq, Tehran is arming terrorists on the West Bank and in Southern Lebanon. It's now engaged in a headlong rush to develop a nuclear weapon. Recent estimates from the International Atomic Energy Agency says they'll have a nuke within three to eight years — and those are conservative estimates.

That's why NATO's revelation is so important. NATO says it tracked two convoys of trucks in April and May leaving Iran and traveling to Afghanistan. The trucks were laden with lots of deadly stuff — C4 explosive, small arms, mortars, EFP (explosively formed projectiles) bombs, RPG rockets, and the like.

A picture emerges: Iran is moving ahead, undeterred, in its bid to foment war in the Mideast, defeat the U.S. and the West, then use a nuclear weapon to gain unquestioned supremacy over the region.

The U.S. has tried the velvet glove routine, last month even breaking our 27-year ban on holding direct talks with Iran. We did so with naive goodwill. Now we see the Mullahs' response.

It may be time now for the closed fist. As a reminder that we're not a paper tiger, the U.S. late last month sent a nine-ship flotilla into the Persian Gulf in a massive show of force. Just a little reminder to Iran of what they might someday face.

As we've said, Iran is at war with the U.S. The fact that we refuse to acknowledge it doesn't make it less of a war — it only makes those who deny it pathetic.

With Europe unwilling to impose sanctions that bite, and Israel seemingly unwilling to remove Iran's nuclear threat through force, the job inevitably falls to the U.S. to do something about Iran. If we don't act soon, you can rest assured Iran will. It already has.

For additional reading on Iran and some thinking on how to arrest its development of nuclear weapons, last spring the Claremont Review of Books published a symposium on the threat we face from Iran. You can read the various viewpoints here.

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