Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone Mania

From the Washington Post:

iPhone iNsanity Continues

Are some folks out there taking the launch of the iPhone just a little too seriously? Consider the following few items.

* First, the AppleInsider site reports on the arrival of the first iPhone shipments, and some of the extraordinary security measures taken with these deliveries:

Awaiting the freight at each location on Sunday were armed personnel, who were reportedly hired by Apple through its courier's ground handling agent and then cleared by the Transportation Security Administration.... Apple management on Sunday began informing its retail personnel that beginning Monday, no cameras of any kind will be allowed in the back stockrooms of its retail outlets.

* Then we have this item about people advertising on Craigslist, either looking for help in buying an iPhone or selling their services as line sitters. The story cites prices from $75 to $250 to hold somebody's place in line at an AT&T Wireless or Apple store before the iPhone goes on sale Friday evening. It also quotes one would-be iPhone owner's Craigslist post: "I need an iPhone. Like, really need an iPhone. It's so bad, I've taken to carrying around my paper cut-out just to get used to the size." The Washington area is not exempt from this kind of behavior, either.

* Third, as of Monday afternoon, somebody had already begun to camp out for an iPhone outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

* We even have an I-hate-iPhone-hype column by tech pundit John Dvorak that, by making a Hitler (!) analogy in the first few paragraphs, shows that Godwin's Law is alive and well.

You almost have to wonder if it wouldn't be appropriate for Steve Jobs to show up Friday to deliver William Shatner's "Get a Life!" speech.

There is some genuine iPhone news to relate today: Apple and AT&T unveiled a set of rate plans for this little sucker, starting at $60 a month for unlimited data, 200 text messages and 450 anytime minutes. Current AT&T subscribers can transfer their voice plan to an iPhone, then add $20 a month for unlimited data use and 200 text messages.

(BTW, in case you had any questions about the iPhone itself--I still don't have one. Apple's PR department seems to be taking its time at getting review hardware out to the press, or at least to me.)

By Rob Pegoraro | June 26, 2007; 2:44 PM ET

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