Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus is an Idiot

I'm sure you've heard about the outrage over radio host Don Imus' stupid comments about some girl's college basketball team. But, although he is an idiot for making those comments, that's not why I think he's an idiot.

I think he's an idiot because he's legitimized the cries of racism by grievance mongers like Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, and their ilk.

I saw this article in the NYTimes today and the author said:
LET’S say a word about the girls. The young women with the musical names. Kia and Epiphanny and Matee and Essence. Katie and Dee Dee and Rashidat and Myia and Brittany and Heather. [Epiphanny? Rashidat? Matee? Essence?? -- I must have missed those selections in the baby names book.]

The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University had an improbable season, dropping four of their first seven games, yet ending up in the N.C.A.A. women’s basketball championship game. None of them were seniors. Five were freshmen.

In the end, they were stopped only by Tennessee’s Lady Vols, who clinched their seventh national championship by ending Rutgers’ Cinderella run last week, 59-46. That’s the kind of story we love, right? A bunch of teenagers from Newark, Cincinnati, Brooklyn and, yes, Ogden, Utah, defying expectations. It’s what explodes so many March Madness office pools. [Um, March Madness pools are for the Men's NCAA Div 1 teams]

... For all their grit, hard work and courage, the Rutgers girls got branded “nappy-headed ho’s” — a shockingly concise sexual and racial insult, tossed out in a volley of male camaraderie by a group of amused, middle-aged white men. ...

Here's the "cash" paragraph. Now, the liberal race baiters can jump up and down, point to this incident and shriek "See, see! Here's evidence of the institutional racism in white society!"

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