Monday, April 25, 2011

Didja Ever Wonder ...

... about the people who respond to polls?

For example, I just read this story about Odumbo's free fall in the polls:
According to The Post-ABC poll, by a margin of 44 to 28, US voters believe the economy is getting worse under Obama, with 46 percent strongly disapproving of the president’s handling of the issue compared to just 23 percent who strongly approve. 78 percent of Americans feel inflation is getting worse, with 71 percent agreeing that the recent increase in gasoline prices has caused financial hardship for themselves or their household.
 Considering what an economic dunce Odumbo is, the numbers really aren't surprising.  BUT, consider the flip sides of the numbers:
  • 23% of Americans not just approve -- but strongly approve -- of Odumbo's handling of the economy.
  • 22% of Americans believe that inflation is getting better.
Are these people smoking crack?  Who in their right mind could rationally say "Gosh, gas prices are up, unemployment is up, the stock market is down, the housing market is down, foreclosures are up, etc.  Isn't Odumbo doing a great job!"

Of course, these people aren't (all) smoking crack, but it seems pretty likely that they are such brain-washed liberal ideologues that they are going to support Odumbo no matter how bad things get.

That being the case, I think they we'd all be better of if they were, in fact, smoking crack.  Maybe then they'll be too stoned to get out and vote come November 2012.

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