Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How Do You Define "Delusional"?

One of the great things about liberals, and one of the keys that distinguishes them from normal people, is their ability to ignore reality.

Most rational people would think that the beat down that the voters handed the Dummycrats would serve as a wake up call, and that they'd be licking their wounds and trying to figure out what went wrong.

Well, fear not!  Liberals certainly are licking their wounds today, but their fierce resolve not to learn from their mistakes is unshakeable.  A few examples:

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post says that Tuesday was merely a setback and not a defeat for "progressives".  Really?  I mean, really??!!  Please, Please, PLEASE keep thinking that way -- all the way 'till Nov. 2012. (In case you didn't know "progressive" is what libtards like to call themselves now.  They can't understand that "liberal" has such a bad connotation because of what it stands for and figure all they have to do is change the name and their ideology will somehow become palatable to normal people.)

In the New York Times, Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana says that the Dummycrats simply got out in front of the electorate -- they just moved too fast for the rubes.  It's no wonder what Sen. Bayh didn't run for re-election yesterday.  He probably got a great deal on an ice sales dealership up in Alaska and is off to make his fortune selling ice to Eskimos.

This meme is and will be repeated and reinforced by the rest of the lame stream media.  As insufferable as it is to have to listen to any of it, the good news is these idiots actually believe it.  So, don't try and educate them.  Don't help them see the light.  Let the libtards and their enablers in the media go right into the 2012 election telling themselves that, if Odumbo can just do a better job explaining his socialist agenda, the voters will come out in droves to re-elect him.  Afterwards, after they pick themselves up off the floor (again), they will stratch their heads and wonder at our obtusness and they recommence their delusional thinking that they just need to better communicate their message on the wonders of socialism.

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