Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Wasn't Ever Going to End Well

I read this in today's Daily Herald -- however, I'm still kind of skeptical that this is one of those urban legend jokes.  :-)

Waukegan Robbery Suspect Left Debit Card, Presciption Form At Scene
By Lee Filas | Daily Herald Staff

A woman suspected of holding up a Waukegan credit union this week wasn't exactly hard to find, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

After all, FBI officials said in court documents, Kimberly Ramirez, 42, of Waukegan, left several clues to her identity.  She dropped her debit card at the credit union during the robbery, used the back of a prescription form that had her name on it to write out a demand note [<-- this is my favorite part -- maybe next time she could use the back of one of her checks!], then paid someone more than $1,200 to drive her back to her apartment after stealing the money.

Ramirez was arrested by Waukegan police and FBI agents after allegedly stealing $11,362 from the Consumer Credit Union at 2750 Washington St., court documents said.

According to the documents, Ramirez entered the credit union at 12:57 p.m. Monday wearing a black hat, sunglasses, a black purse, a light-colored shirt and blue jeans.

She walked up to the teller and handed over a note demanding the money.

Ramirez continuously asked the teller if she was "pushing any buttons" behind the counter that could potentially sound an alarm.  During this questioning, Ramirez's debit card fell out of her purse, the documents said.

After collecting the money from the teller, Ramirez fled the credit union and approached a man driving a red vehicle in the parking lot.  After a quick discussion, the woman got into the vehicle and took off.

Police called to the scene picked up the debit card, as well as the note, which had Ramirez's prescription written on it, the documents said.

Lt. Ed Fitzgerald of the Waukegan Police Department said police arrived at Ramirez's apartment complex at about 1:35 p.m., just as she arrived at the building. [Wow, the cops almost beat her back to her home!]

Ramirez allowed police to search her apartment, and officers discovered $9,932, the black purse, sunglasses and the hat.

Simultaneously, Waukegan officers spotted the red vehicle near the apartment and the male driver was taken into custody, Fitzgerald said.  The driver told officers Ramirez paid him $1,235 for a ride from the bank.

Fitzgerald said after questioning the driver, it was determined he was not part of the robbery and charges were not filed.  He returned the money taken in the robbery.

Ramirez is currently out of jail because of medical issues and awaiting an as-yet undetermined court appearance, authorities said.

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