Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Get Ready for Obamacare's State-Mandated Euthenasia

I haven't spent a lot of time studying Obama's health care program. It's no surprise to me, however, that one of its features is likely to be government-imposed euthenasia. Of course, no one would ever call it that, but after reading this article, that's the inevitable conclusion.

The article, "Harry and Louise Must Die", is from the liberal web magazine salon.com. The gist of the article is that government healthcare programs spend way too much money on "end of life" care. The message you are supposed to take away is: these people are goners anyway, so let's stop wasting scarce medical resources on them.

Here are some snippets that they use to drive home their message:
  • At the end of our long and increasingly longer lives, when we are terminally ill and in the last months of life, we must accept our bodies' decline, face our own mortality, gather our families and say goodbye. Say no to feeding tubes, ventilators, resuscitators, the isolation of ICU.
  • Medical experts say feeding tubes extend life for those who, in the past, would die naturally, without medical intervention. When people near death, some can't swallow, some with dementia don't recognize food, others aren't interested in eating. In many nursing homes, when a patient doesn't eat, the choice is to accept end-of-life hospice care or be fitted with a feeding tube. Loss of appetite is simply a stage in dying. Dying patients who stop eating drink water, sleep a lot and typically die within two weeks, of dehydration. It can be a gentle death.
  • Why should we care which path people take? Well, it comes out of our pockets. Medicare is funded by Social Security payroll taxes, and 75 percent of those who die each year are 65 or older, enrolled in Medicare. If we died more gently, we'd cut spending.

This is the kind of thinking behind Obamacare. First, they'll kill off those who are "too old" or "too sick". The rationale being that their deaths are inevitable (isn't that true for everyone?), and that the government is spending too much money merely prolonging their lives a few more days or a few more weeks.

Next is sure to be killing off those who have a "poor quality of life" -- those with chronic diseases (except AIDS of course), who are in chronic pain, or "defectives" like kids with Down's Syndrome.

Inevitably, look for Obamacare to dicate contraception and abortion. Once government gets into the healthcare business and can dictate who gets medical care and who doesn't, it can't be inconceivable that some government apparatchik dictates that we can save even more money by ensuring that some children should not be allowed to be born in the first place.

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