Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Good job, Stupid"

Island Lake is a small community near my home.  I'm glad to see one of my local elected officials are passionate about serving the community!

Island Lake Trustee Rich Garling was arrested on Feb. 10, 2009, at the suburb's Village Hall after he apparently was offended by a rude comment directed his way during a meeting and allegedly punched a resident.

The meeting was held to discuss challenges to the nominating petitions of candidates in the April 7 municipal elections.

Resident Gina Meeks, whose husband, David, is running for a trustee seat, reported that Garling struck her on the back "as hard as he could" after he overheard her comment as he walked past her, Police Chief Anthony Sciarrone said.

"He passed me and I said, 'Good job, stupid.'
 He took his hand and hit me on my back as hard as he could," Sciarrone said, quoting from a police report.  Meeks told police that Garling struck her so hard she stumbled forward in front of several witnesses, Sciarrone said.

Garling posted $100 bail at
Island Lake's police station after his arrest on the misdemeanor charge.

Garling, who serves as chairman of the Village Board's Police and Public Safety Committee, ran unsuccessfully last fall for the Illinois House.
 He has two years remaining on his four-year term on the board.

Village trustees typically sit on the local electoral boards that make decisions when challenges are filed to the nominating petitions of would-be candidates.

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