Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia: A Government of Gangsters

People rely on government for too many things. One thing, however, that they rightly rely on government for is security against criminals.

What to do then when the criminals are the government?

That's the dilemma Russians face as their country has progressively fallen under the control of the gangster Vladimir Putin and his criminal associates.

Now these gangsters are becoming more emboldened. Georgia and the Ukraine have long been "thorns" in their side because of these countries pro-Western policies. So, when the gangsters have their own army, a great way to deal with your adversaries is to fabricate an excuse to launch an invasion.

Russia's pretext for invading Georgia was that they were protecting pro-Russian separtist groups in two Georgian provinces. Of course, that was just a sham pretext for an invasion. As you can see from this graphic, Russian attacks are now spreading into Georgian areas beyond the two provinces.

One other thing: look who's running the show for the Russians. Putin. His role in this aggression should put the lie to the notion that he ever intended to give up power even though the Russian constitution required him to step down. Hopefully, our leaders were never so naive or foolish as to ever have believed that particular lie.

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