Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A reason why it might make sense to vote for McCain ...
... kind of.

The next President will almost certainly be putting one or more people on the Supreme Court. The prime opportunity will come from Justice John Paul Stevens. Right now he is 88 years old. I suspect that, even if he doesn't have health issues, the thought of retirement must be on his mind. Also, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsgburg is 75. I also heard somewhere that she does, in fact, have health issues.

So, it seems probable that the next president will be putting one, maybe two, people on the Supreme Court.

The "kind of" comes in because who the president picks and what kind of Justice they turn out to be is not exactly a scientific process.

Ronald Reagan put Sandra Day O'Connor on the Court and she was considered moderate; he also put Scalia on the Court who is obviously a conservative. Same president, same criteria, different results. Then you have David Souter -- one of the most liberal Justices -- who was put on the Court by a Republican, the first President Bush. (I'll bet he's still not talking to the numb-skull (Warren Rudman) who vouched for him.)

Of course, the most famous Supreme Court nomination "gaffe" would be the infamous Earl Warren -- who never knew a criminal he didn't want to coddle. He was put on the Court by Republican President Eisenhower -- who is later alleged to say that nominating Warren was "the biggest damned-fool mistake I ever made" (I wonder if Warren Rudman was in the Eisenhower administration).

The bottom line is that a President Obama would nominate reliable liberals to the Court. A President McCain may or may not nominate a "conservative"; and, any Justice he nominates may or may not turn out to be conservative. However, there's zero chance of getting a solid Justice from Obama. At least there's a slight chance McCain could pick a good Justice (even a blind hog finds the occasional acorn).

The question then -- does this "slight chance" of a good Justice justify a vote for McCain?

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