Sunday, July 01, 2007

Culture of Death Update

The New York Sun had/has a great blog, 'It Shines for All'. For some reason they stopped running it, but I kept checking back once in a while anyway. My tenacity (or obstinancy) paid off as a couple of months later the blog started up again. Here is a great post that should give the promoters of culture of death something to think about.
Coma Victim Awakens After 19 Years

One has to wonder what supporters of Michael Schiavo's efforts to end his wife Terry's life think when they see articles like this. The Polish man who awoke after 19 years in a coma was cared for by a loving spouse. Terry's parents would have cared for her as well if her husband had allowed them to but that was not to be. This case was regarded as a pro-life issue which in a sense it was. However as Nat Hentoff reminded us in an editorial for the Washington Times, "I covered the Terri Schiavo case for more than four years, going against nearly all of the other media in emphasizing and documenting that this was not a "right to die" case, but a disability-rights case. And that's why many leading disability-rights organizations filed legal briefs unreported by most of the press on her behalf……When Terri Schiavo died, I wrote that hers was the longest public execution in American history. Even the most monstrous murderer on death row would have received far more due process of law than she did. " Jan Grzebski was lucky to be living in Poland.

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