Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shift Happens

I don't agree with all the claims in this video but it does give you something to chew on. (And I really like the song too -- I'm pretty sure it's from Last of the Mohicans.)

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Sir Nicholai said...

It's a very interesting video. I think alot of the claims are exaggerated, for example, the $100 laptop has run into alot of problems, and who cares if there's a computer more powerful than the human brain if it can't think like one, or more information than the entire human race could remember sent in a nanosecond...if we can't comphrehend it.

It's true that shift happens, and things change, today we speak of googling someone or something, and our means of communication has increased exponentially in the past 10, 20, or 100 years. But I would argue over how big these shifts are, and whether they amount to anything when compared to the human race, which in a way I think will remain the same. Computers may serve as a means, but people will still make human friends, human enemies, human relationships. Shift happens, but perhaps as all the externals change, we'll realize that what makes us men, our reason and our bodies, doesn't change at all.


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